VM Auto-shutdown is no longer functioning - why

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The VM I have is sending message that it is shutting down in 30 minutes ...every hour for that past 2 days.  Auto-shutdown in the VM Operations menu is set, but it does not function as it is supposed to anymore.  Does anyone have an answer as to why, and to what to do instead of using Auto-shutdown to shut down my VM at night?

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Leaving this here for anyone frustrated and looking for answers...Microsoft seems to have deprecated (without any good notification to the customer) the Auto-Shutdown feature in Operations of the VM. Thanks for letting us know ! Instead, you can use Logic Apps to do the same thing. I always thought it was weird that I there was an Auto Shutdown feature on the VM and no Auto Start, so I had previously used a Logic App to start the VM anyway. Now I just cloned that Auto start Logic App, made it a shutdown function, and will roll with that. But again - thanks for letting your customers know this Microsoft!

@pflipper there doesn't seem to be any supporting documentation on the deprecation of this service. I've also checked my own virtual machines that have an auto-shutdown policy and it's continually worked for the past week, with an event last night at 7 pm Eastern. I'll check if it fails tonight but if you can share any supporting evidence of the deprecation, it would be good for the community to see it.

Thanks for weighing in @kjones10. I'm not sure why it is not working for me, but I'm going to try to move on using the Logic App to shut down the VM instead of Auto Shutdown, which seems to be not working for this VM. I'll report back to the thread to let people know if that works. I do a M-F 6am start up using Logic App, and now I've set up a M-F 7pm shut down using a Logic App. Hope it works !

An update on this....I created a Logic App to handle the shutdown since Microsoft's Auto Shutdown in my VM stopped working.  I had to made "Power Off" and "Deallocate" steps, then after Deallocate made sure to email myself upon success or failure of the Deallocate step.  Deallocate was needed in order to make sure I didn't run the VM still and incur Microsoft's ever increasing need to fill its coffers with more money.




Hope this helps someone!   Makes sense, anyway, to have a Start and Stop in a similar format (Logic app).


Now, back to what I NEED to work on....




May first check on event logs for idea

I'm not sure I understand this feedback @Kidd_lp
I don't see any evidence of this being deprecated? I can go in now and enable it on a VM without error.