Enabled access to Azure public IP addresses on the outbound port 3260

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Hi Guys,


I am new to the Azure and just started to get the hands -on.


I am trying to File Recovery, upon running the script I am getting 'Please make sure that you have enabled access to Azure public IP addresses on the outbound port 3260 and https://download.microsoft.com'


I have added the port 3260 to my local windows firewall but still unable to get working.


Looking for your feedback.



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Hi, you must configure an NSG (Network Security Group) in the Azure Portal either at the NIC or at the subnet where your VM (NIC) is assigned. An NSG is a simple form of firewall rules. So that you can establish communication through the port you mentioned. Please have a look:


I hope it helps! Regards, Tom Wechsler


@TomWechsler Thank You for the help. It was my bad that I was trying to restore on other PC/VM rather than on the VM which is being backed-up. 


Thanks again.

Hi Tom, I followed the below rules as part of NSG outbound security rules, and I run into the same error:

  • AzureFrontDoor.FirstParty service tag in NSG on port 443 (outbound)
  • Recovery Service, AzureBackup service tag in NSG on port 3260 (outbound)
  • Public DNS resolution on port 53 (outbound)

File recovery error.pngRules.png