Azure Subscriptions and Limitations

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Hoping soemone can help me understand a few basic tenants. I am part of Imagine program and had that subscription. That was too limiting as I wanted to try deployment slots etc which are not supported by Imagine. I upgraded to free trial 30 day version for "Full" capabilities. Im migraing the mobile app that I started with AWS to Azure and want to make sure I can do what I want in Azure first from a learning and capability perspective. I seem to run into so many issues with features in  licensing that I have yet to  with AWS.


I upgraded to free plan in order to get "full" functionality, but I cant seem to add a person as a user/admin  to migrate and deploy an appservice or sql server. Im not intending to promote anything to prod, just get a development system up. Is the free trial account limited to one user in imagine and free trial subscription via AD? Is there a simple one pager susbscription to limitations?


I was hopeful I could get learning under the belt for a period of time before really incurring costs. That  includes evaluating how to scale and develop with a team of at least 2. But that takes more than 30 days and really needs full functionality. I dont mind support and cloud costs once I get moving, but it seems the restrictions make the initial going tough? Id rather not pay cloud costs for an essentially fairly idle development environment that I cant validate the capabilities of. Or am I missing something?


Thanks so much for any help


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Hi, In my eyes the best way to geht started with AZURE is to build up a free Trail and Start to use your Tenant. You can add an other User to your subscription, even being in the trail period. And with e.g. Webapps you also can start without producing costs. Which is possible in wich plan can be best reviewed by using the AZURE documentation in the Web. Best Niels