Azure Reserved instance cancellation fees

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i wan't to know how much would be a cancellation fees for 3 VM (1 year committment) that cost in total 1000$ per month ,the billing is also monthly and it has been now 6 month of usage 

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I didn't found anything in the internet, I would recommend to check your contract, otherwise open a ticket here:

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I believe, if you actually go through the motion of cancelling the reservation (but don't!) - the Azure Portal should give you a good indication of any refund and cancellation fee - it then takes the cancellation fee from that refund, but going through the motions of cancelling should allow you to see the the cancellation/refund amount.
in fact since the payment is monthly and no fees has not been made in advance ,we will pay only 12% of the remaining period ,otherwise if it was a payment in advance then the refunded amount will be the pro-rated remaining amount minus the 12% cancellation fees
Can you elaborate? The online docs say Microsoft does not charge an early termination fee, but may charge 12% in the future. Are you saying that article is incorrect and they are currently charging early termination fees?



Could you please advise, if your statement is based on new MS policy which is applied currently?

As per the available documentation this fee is not fact at the moment - Self-service exchanges and refunds for Azure Reservations | Microsoft Docs.

Please explain the root of this contradiction?





@moezmansouri there isn't any cancellation fee at the moment. You just pay for what you used and get are refund for anything further in the form of they stop charging you at the any rate when you stop services.