Azure Devops Pipelines Stage Release

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This is the problem I have!
I'm making a process that collects many applications from a repository, which are eventually compiled into docker containers. And after assembly, I install them on various stands (dev, test, and so on). But I can’t select the branch in the releases from which the application will be built. Therefore, I thought that pipelines have such an opportunity at launch. Ability to select a Git branch. But I came across the fact that when I create a pipeline, not a release, my tasks are performed sequentially or with dependencies on each other. In this situation, I cannot restart the same pipeline only with different parameters. Let's say I have an assembly stage, a launch stage for a dev bench, and a launch stage for a test bench. If I start rolling on the dev stand, then I cannot restart the same pipeline and roll on the test stand.

Maybe I don't know something? Have you encountered such a problem? Maybe there is a solution (it’s possible in Git Lab).

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