Disassociated unknown user with same display name

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In boards/wiki/comments etc. we have a user with a known display name, but when hovering over that user it says "unknown user". That user has the same display name as another user account, however the unknown user account only appears in boards, etc. and not as a user in permissions in the org.

I want to merge these accounts with the same display name or figure out some way to re associate the unknown user with the original user. Obviously i can just reassign all the stories to the original user, but that is not a solution to the original problem as the user would still be left without the possibility of editing their comments.

Another observation; When i go to edit the comments of the unknown user as PCA, the comments reassign to me, however the PA can't edit the comments to take over the ownership of the comment. 

I haven't been able to find a solution for this, been searching through the API as well to figure out a way to edit the "IdentityRef" parameter, but that does not seem to be an option through the API. Can't find any discussion on this either. If someone has a good solution for this that would be very welcome.

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