Automatically updating of requirements-based test suites

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Hi All,


I'm working with Azure test suites and am using requirements based test suites to group my tests. However, I'm hitting issue (quirk) when the backlog changes or re-prioritized.   The suite isn't dynamically updated,  I have to manually run the query again for it to update. 


For instance,  if I have 10 stories at the start of the iteration, and create the requirements based suite, I have 10 folders, 1 for each for the respective Work Item.  If 1 additional work item is prioritized, I have to run the query again for it to appear and manually add this to the test plan, so 11 folders appear.  Is this available in devops if not is there a there a way of automating this process to allow it to dynamically occur.


Thanks for any help or guidance in advance.





This is based off a filter as below

work item type = MicrosoftRequirementsCategory 

Work item type = User Story 

[custom field] Team = xxx

[custom field] Quarter = Q1 2023


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