Validate jira user story status before approving pull request?

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Is there anything available to integrate jira with azure devops which can specifically block the merging in master if user story in jira is not accepted yet.


I know that this possible with Rally and github. But any chance with jira and azure devops.


Any suggestions please?


Thank you.

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@tanulbhasin Hi.


Unfortunately, I am not an Azure DevOps admin, which is why let me ask you if this can be achieved with ADO work item (...block the merging in master if user story in ADO is not accepted yet...)?

I am asking this because there are apps, for example, TFS4JIRA that can sync JIRA to ADO. Maybe that is the way to approach this.


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Damian Kilkowski



What I'm planning is to run a task written in yaml file on every PR merged to master. That task will check if the user story is set to accepted or not.
Hi, check where in JIRA?

This is very possible by syncing the ADO workItems with Jira stories and then block the PR based on the workItem status (that in turn will be directly controlled by the Jira story status). You can do this and a lot more using a synchronization solution like Exalate.




Could you please elaborate  "syncing the ADO workItems with Jira stories"


How to do that technically?