Active Directory Users

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I have ADConnect configured with AD On Prem. However Lost users due to an accidental Hyper V issue.


Now I have users in Azure AD/O365 that are no longer in OnPrem AD.


I created a list of missing users and created the users via csv and now I have recreated users within OnPrem AD.


Problem during the Export Sync is that there is an attribute issue regarding the SMTP Proxy Addresses.

All the proxy address are empty on OnPremAd with the newly created users.


I have tried various things to get AD to do a soft match and doesnt seem to make a difference. I still have the same amount of users coming up in the error.


When I open any of the user errors, it states the cloudanchor is missing, which is different than the proxy addresses error that I have too.



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Can you share a screenshot of the sync error?