WVD Deployment failed when trying to JoinDomain

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Hi All


I am having an issue when the WVD VM tries to join the Domain. 


Our AD domain is an OnPremisis domain that was initially synced using ADSync to Office365. This sync is still taking place and is not a 2 way sync.


I don't know how to see which virtual network our Azure AD is connected to. I have seen documentation that shows how to choose the Virtual Network when creating a NEW Azure AD domain... but not how to see what a synced domain is using.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Also our internal domain is something like aaa.co.nz.local but our Azure AD domain is bbb.co.nz. So I am guesing that I need to use the bbb.co.nz when filling out the WVD Deployment options?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Were you the one to install azure AD connect in your environment?  You can see some of the azure ad connect setup through the azure admin portal.  I would get a good understanding of how syncing is happening.  For my setup i had to create a VPN back for my WVD environment could talk to an onsite ad controller.  When the connection was down i was getting an error saying "no resources available"

@hughmsmall - Yes, I did setup the ADSync, that was probably 5 years ago so can't remember exactly what we did back then.


I do have a VPN to Azure, however I only allow limited traffic over it. I will allow access to the Domain Controllers and see if that works. I would ideally want it to work using Azure AD, however I can't find anywhere to see what Virtual Network Azure AD is connected to. This means at some point in the future when we remove our last on premise DC we will have to have figured this out.


Anyway for now I am just wanting to test WVD, so if this works it will get me going at least.


Thanks for the advice.



No problem. My setup has the most recent version of azure ad connect configured for password hash sync.  We have the HUB vnet architecture connecting  our datacenter to azure hub vnet.  We have a core vnet where our servers sit (including an AD server in azure) and a WVD vnet where the host pool is deployed.  WVD is vnet can communicate to both datacenters and the core vnet.  Hope this info helps.