WVD session shadowing

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Will there be a shadowing feature like we have in RDS 2012/2016?
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@Bruce S : We have heard similar requests from other customers and partners. It is on our backlog for future work, but we do not expect to have this built-in to Windows Virtual Desktop at GA.



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is there any update on an ETA for shadowing? Perhaps by year end?

@Christian_Montoya Updates or a link to a feature request would be appreciated.

@eloisw @David Hood : Hi folks. We haven't slated this for engineering work, as we are working avidly to get the Azure portal integration out for you! Also, for shadowing, there is a workaround if you have access to that network. You would do this by querying/running Get-RdsUserSession, then from the a VM on the network, use the shadowing RDP capability, and specifying the session host and user session #.


I would also recommend adding the feature request on our UserVoice so we can continue accumulating demand.

@Christian_Montoya  , Hello,

Could you perhaps please explain in some greater detail how I would be able to do what you have described?  We currently only have one Windows 10 WVD host, so identyfying the host concerned is not an issue, I am unsure how to use "the shadowing RDP capability" or where to access this?

@James_Randall_1978 : Some top WVD contributors just released a blog that addresses session shadowing here Shadow a WVD user with least privileges . Hopefully this helps!

@Christian_Montoya , That is a VERY useful little tool, wow, superb work for some contributors.  Thank you, I am hopeful this will get me by until something more integrated is devleped.  Thank you.