WVD Connection from Android and Windows Apps Error: AADSTS50011

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I am receiving the following errors trying to connect to a WVD Tenant/Host Pool with the RD Client Apps. The webclient works just fine.


Any suggestions to get this resolved?

We are using ADFS. 


Android RD Client (Preview)

URL to Subscribe:

Android Message: 

Request Id: b6293e62-4916-4129-9377-30c31c9f4c00

Correlation Id: bed61f21-71a9-4dda-8838-782778ae71fc

Timestamp: 2020-05-04T04:59:16Z

Message: AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: 'a85cf173-4192-42f8-81fa-777a763e6e2c'.


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Thanks for your report. I'm trying to understand correctly:
You tried with webclient, it works
You tried Windows RD client app ( and it works
You tried with the android RD client (Preview), and you get the error you described.

Is it correct?
I have the same problem.

Web ok
IOS ok
Win app ok
Android error!

Spring update
URL feed:

I don’t have ADFS.
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Thank you for reporting. We found the root cause, it is a configuration issue.
The config is updated. Can you please try again? Please make sure you are using Android RD Client (Preview).
Thank you very much.
NIce! Happy to know that!

Go to the Azure portal: sign in and click on the Azure Active Directory icon on the left. Then click on the ‘App registrations’ icon in the middle pane. In the search box enter the application from the error message and choose ‘All apps’ from the dropdown:

Click on your application, then the Settings icon, select the ‘Reply URLs’ from the list. Paste in the name of the reply URL from the error message you had and ‘Save’:

Now you should be able to login with out that error message!