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Hello all I am a AutoCAD user having issues with Virtual Desktop. SOMETIMES not all the time does it happen and it is really frustrating when it doesn't work the way I am intending to. 


Sometimes it works great and it is not open when opening a new virtual desktop and I can have my outlook and chrome open with no AutoCAD overlay. 


When opening a new virtual desktop using the Windows key + CTRL + D command it sometimes opens with my currently open AutoCAD screen and AutoCAD will minimize on both desktops if minimized in either desktop. Its basically useless to use virtual desktops when this happens I could be in a single desktop and accomplish the same thing.


Does anyone know what may be causing this or have a fix for it?


Thank you!

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@BlairPS: Looks like you are running into issues using our remote desktop app for Windows. Please file your feedback using the feedback option in the app. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and look for the proper option.

@Eva Seydl I am not talking about the remote desktop app at all this is all local. It is a virtual desktop issue refer to When a new virtual desktop is made when autocad is open using the windows key + ctrl + D the new virtual desktop has autocad open on the new desktop made by the keyboard shortcutimage.png

@BlairPS Can you send the sequence of events? Something like this:

- From desktop 1, press CTRL+Win+D to open a new desktop (desktop 2)

- Switch back to Desktop 1

- Launch AutoCAD as a RemoteApp



- AutoCAD launches on Desktop 1.



- AutoCAD launches on Desktop 2.

It can happen in any sequence and the issue still occurs.

Senario #1

-AutoCAD open on screen
-Press Win+CTRL+D (To create desktop #2)
-AutoCAD is now open on desktop #1 and #2
-I minimize AutoCAD on either desktop #1 or #2 and it will minimize on both

Senario #2

-Nothing open on screen
-Press Win+CTRL+D (To create desktop #2)
-Open AutoCAD on desktop #1
-Toggle to desktop #2 Win+CTRL+Right arrow and AutoCAD will be open on both

Not sure where this remote application stuff is coming into play. I am not using a remote machine at all and this is all local on this machine.
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Closing the loop here, this forum is for Windows Virtual Desktop (, a new Azure service providing virtualized apps and desktops. The issue reported by Blair is with the Virtual Desktops feature in Windows 10. I recommend submitting the issue in Feedback Hub under the Desktop Environment \ Virtual Desktops category.