Version 1.2.241 of the Windows client now publicly available


We have now publicly released version 1.2.241 of the Windows client. Here's a recap of some of the main changes going from the previous 1.2.175 version to the new 1.2.241 version.


  • Per-user and per-device installation options. Per-user doesn't require admin rights. You must first uninstall to switch to a different install scope.
  • Users can now customize the display settings for their desktop sessions to meet their needs. Right-click on a desktop and select Settings to get started. This includes switching between single and multi monitors, enabling dynamic resolution or choosing a specific resolution.
  • Users can manually look for client updates from the About page.
  • The client is now available in 17 languages (Da-dk, De-de, En-gb, En-us, Es-es, Fi-fi, Fr-fr, It-it, Ja-jp, Nb-no, Nl-nl, Pl-pl, pt-BR, ru-RU, sv-SE, zh-CN, zh-TW).
  • The window title for desktop session now displays the desktop name.
  • Sessions will now automatically disconnect when the PC goes to sleep or hibernate to prevent reconnections issues.- The client now uses .Net 4.6 so users on older Windows 10 won't need to install it.
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Is there command line to specify a per machine install? When I load this into Intune apps, it defaults to per-user and I cannot change the context.@David Belanger 

@David Belanger 

I am having a poor experience with the new client. That when I remove an entitlement for a user I can no longer add any feeds for that client until I uninstall and reinstall the Remote Desktop client.

Methods to reproduce
Entitle a user to a dedicated remote desktop pool and subscribe to that feed via the Remote Desktop client
Then remove the entitlement via powershell i.e.
remove-RdsAppGroupUser SecurePOC0001 SecPool10 "Desktop Application Group" -UserPrincipalName
Now from the Remove Desktop client click the three dots on the pool line, Details and click Update now
This will update your feeds and the unentitled feed will disappear.

However you cannot resubscribe and even if you add the entitlement back
i.e. add-RdsAppGroupUser SecurePOC0001 SecPool10 "Desktop Application Group" -UserPrincipalName
The subscription does not reappear, nor is there an option to add another subscription and you need to reinstall the client again.

tried restarting OS, restarting application, waiting a few hours


my setup
Client machine is Windows 10 1809 -- app installed for all users
WVD with Azure AD and AD DS -- user does not have MFA enabled
Dedicated pool


Can provide more details if you can't reproduce in house

Is there any documentation on the ADFS claims required for SSO? dont want to have our users needing to manully sign in if possible. @David Belanger 

@soloji Thank you for reporting the issue. Would you mind reporting the issue on Feedback Hub using the Feedback option in the app? This will make it easier to track.

@sbuntun You should be able to use the following command to install per-machine and silent. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

msiexec.exe /i <path to>\RemoteDesktop.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1



@Peter Campbell Not yet although it's something we are working on and hope to have available in the coming weeks.