VDI Offloading packages

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Hello Team,


Are there any offloading packages available for Teams, skype zoom etc for Azure Virtual Desktop ?



Disha Indrawat

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@diecknet Does this package takes care of Offloading concept, as this is not mentioned anywhere in the article ?

@DIndrawat the article states:

With media optimization for Microsoft Teams, the Remote Desktop client handles audio and video locally for Teams calls and meetings.

That is what I understand under "offloading". Do you mean something else?

This article doesn't have any extra package needed for offloading. Does this means that media optimization is support with existing Teams package?
I believe that there is no special package needed. The user just needs to use the appropriate Remote Desktop Client version, and on the host the admin needs to set the "IsWVDEnvironment" registry key.
This will work for Linux machines also ?