Limiting CPU / Memory usage on a per user basis

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Anybody have any experience or tips on how to limit how much CPU / memory a single user can take?  I wasn't sure if that was an FSLogix function or something with Windows Virtual Desktop.  I got FSLogix working via the steps below to limit how much space a single profile can take, but I'm still learning :):

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@Christopher Anderson : Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session and Windows Server RDSH have a default fair share mechanism for CPU / memory. However, you cannot specify a maximum percentage/number to cap these resources for any individual users. There may be third party solutions that solve this specific problem, but we there are no specific controls inbox.

@Christian_Montoya, could you please confirm that this still applies?

So, there is still no Microsoft/WVD solution that helps you specify a maximum percentage/number to cap RAM/CPU resources for individual users?
Hi @Christian_Montoya, Is there any more progress - Apply CAP on CPU & Memory in Multi-session AVD systems.

@Vidhyasagarb - No, we have not added any functionality to cap RAM/CPU resources for individual users.  As noted earlier in the thread we do have the concept of CPU fairshare in multi-session to make certain processes are not starved but this doesn't prevent one user from bogging down the system.