unattend.xml for WVD? How to install apps after first boot?

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New to WVD (and desktop images in general) but I am confused on how I can install applications/run scripts after an image boots for the first time. On the server side, I'd just use the FirstLogonCommands in the unattend.xml using Windows System Image manager but I'm unsure about that with a "Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session" build.  So, I have some apps/scripts that cannot be installed in the image and have to run after to machine has booted up from Sysprep. How are people doing this with WVD? 

AWS has WAM studio for delivering applications/scripts for their AWS Workspaces (desktops), does Azure have anything similar?


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@kev-o Generally in WVD there are 4 way for delivering applications 

1) Intune/SCCM/MEM 2) Application layering 3)Include them in master image 4) script them 


for #4 here is a sample script I wrote that does installation of apps right after provisioning https://github.com/stgeorgi/wvdquickstart/tree/master/Modules/ARM/WvdApplications

(Adviser this is somewhat complicated if new to WVD).

for #3 For master image deliver https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/set-up-customize-master-image

for #2 This takes some learning too but you can look at aka.ms/msixandwvd, or Liquidware, or Liquit

for #1 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/apps/apps-win32-app-management