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Hi all. After creating a new WVD Host pool, you can go in to the Properties of the host pool and can then change the RDP properties. One of the RDP properties that I was changing had to do with multiple monitors. To have the Remote Desktop client open up a WVD desktop on a single monitor, you had to set an RDP property: use multimon:i:0 . It worked in both the classic WVD and the latest ARM WVD. 

However, something must have changed very recently. When you go into the Host Pool properties, there is a settings section dedicated entirely to RDP properties.  Within that section is Display properties. In there is a setting for Multiple Displays. It defaults to 'Don't Enable'. I thought that I wouldnt have to manually set the use multimon:i:0 property anymore. That didn't work though. A Remote desktop connection would open up across my 3 monitors. In the RDP Properties section there is an Advanced section. In there, I manually added the use multimon:i:0 property and saved it.  If you leave the RDP Properties settings section and you go back in, if you look in Advanced, the use multimon:i:0 setting is gone. 


All this to ask, can anyone get a single monitor to work on a newly created Host pool?  

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Hi @J_Bush 


The settings in the portal don't seem to work properly. I would stick to the existing method for now until these issues are resolved.  If you set the settings via PowerShell against the host pool it should work, as it did previously. 

There was a bug on multi-monitor default values that is waiting to be deployed. You can use PS if you want to update that property. Also on the portal, currently, all default values are not displayed. We understand this is a usability issue, though the properties are honored, customers cant see the settings for these default values, We are fixing that also.