FSLogix issues with slow login and black screen

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FSLogix 2210 hotfix 2 (2.9.8612.60056)
Windows (Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session)
AVD Hosts


What we know:

Disable AppXSvc - no slow login, but some apps do not open and Explorer crashes on Session Desktop.


If we enable AppXSvc and disable new Features with FSLogix the slow login/black screen is still a problem but logins do not take 20min-1hr to open.
Still takes 3minutes-40 minutes for some profiles to login with the black screen.

Features disabled:


Prior to building new Images we had Windows 10 multi-session
FSLogix 2210 hotfix 1 (2.9.8440.42104)

Hosts would lock up intermittently. Causing us to place in drain mode so the Host could be restarted.


A Sandbox Workspace was set up and we confirmed if we disable FSLogix we have no issues logging in.


I opened a ticket with Microsoft Support over a week ago and there has been no one assigned to the ticket. This has been escalated and still no response.


Looking for suggestions or any help.




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Remove all Group Policies that are being applied, any printers or mapped drives, these can sometimes hinder logins. If you find it works better, re-apply GPO's one at a time.
With FSLogix enabled, look in the FSLogix event log, any mapping errors? Does the profile store have enough space?
If you disable the FSLogix service and allow it to load local profiles do they load correctly/faster?
Hi Denise,

I keep all my customers on FSLogix 2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276) because this older version remains the most stable one.

If needed, I can provide this version. Please send me a PM.
*Disabling FSLogix loads faster. I had already confirmed that in the above.
*No errors in the FSLogix logs.
You did give me an idea about GPO's. I already confirmed with no GPO's no change, however, we only exclude VHD & VHDX in AV, so I added the path for the FSLogix folder into the path exclusion and that cut the time to load down by half.
Sandbox is an image of Production where I am doing all of the testing.


I do agree the previous version of FSLogix is the most stable.
I may need to roll back, especially if we continue to have the intermittant Host lock ups.
It's just that these images are only 2 weeks old so we haven't had time to confirm if the newest has that problem.

Confirmed problem is not FSLogix. We excluded our local admin from FSLogix to verify.

So far, we have added more Hosts to the Pool due to high CPU usage.
That helped, but we continue to see Users take a long time to login to Hosts.
What I see in Processes is the RDInfra process taking up CPU and "hanging" when I watch my test user login using RDP.
I did follow the troubleshooting tips to uninstall/install the AVD Agents and restart. This did not help.
I have added excluding the folder for the Azure Monitor Agent in AV. I'm testing to see if this helps.
Only one response from Microsoft so far. I was told the team that handles AVD is busy.

@Denise Child did you find a solution for this?
I am having a problem with AppxSvc taking up to 10GB of RAM for my AVD hosts. 
I am couris because my problem disappear when i disable the service. But then Explorer crash as you mentioned - and also Onedrive etc. 

So maybe you found the solution?

@zzdallepNo I have not found the solution to AppXSvc. I see it take 3GB to 4.6GB RAM, but never 10GB of RAM.
We are still monitoring the Hosts for the slow login/black screen. I did send logs over to Microsoft on Friday.
I also noticed that all of our Hosts have an update to the RD Agents 1.0.7539.8300 and a new RD Client version was released to version 1.24583.0, so I am hoping this intermittent problem goes away.

@zzdallep I see the huge memory usage for APPX Deployment service now. The other one is the RD Infra Agent that has been causing the slow logins. It is supposed to load and then go away when someone logins, but it "sticks" for a long time, to where I have to put Host in maint mode until is releases.