Where is storage sense on Windows 11 22H2 AVD image?

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I am toying with deploying windows 11 to our AVD environment, but we use Onedrive and rely on storage sense to keep the profiles semi-clean. With windows 10 22h2 and Windows 11 on hardware, the storage sense service is there, but it does not appear to be on the AVD deployments.


How does Microsoft intend for us to keep our user profiles clean and clean up crud accumulated in the fslogix profiles?

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Thanks, not much on this. No storage sense, so I'd imagine Onedrive redirection is out (no supported way to dehydrate onedrive files).
The question remains, is it faster to exclude known folders in fslogix and point them to a local share near the host, or to just let fslogix container contain the known folders and do its thing, wherever you store them (azure files, SMB share on a local vm) etc.
Here is a great one for Fslogix. Apparently the size of the profile does NOT affect login performance: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/overview-faq
This looks great! Thank you for posting this.