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I've created a Windows 11 image with several applications installed on it. Sysprepped the VM, created a image defination, image gallery etc. When I add a new session host based on this image, it creates a VM, it's added to the hostpool, but I'm unable to logon.


The strange thing is, that this VM should be part of AzureAD and needs to be managed with Intune. Unfortunately nothing appears in the Intune portal. Could someone please advise me how to troubleshoot this issue?


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A couple of questions:
- Did you assign the Virtual Machine user logon role?
- with Azure AD did you select the box for Intune Enrollment?
- Do you have the Azure AD extension on your session host? Is it in Azure AD?

@Johan Vanneuville 


Thanks for the quick reply!


- VM user logon role is assigned to a AAD group

- Intune enrolment is selected

- Azure AD extension is installed and enabled

- VM is not visible in AzureAD


When I RDP with a local admin in the VM and ran dsregcmd /status it's showing an error regarding the Machine Key.


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I've found the issue!

The Golden Image was AzureAD joined before sysprepping it. Did a couple of retries to leave AzureAD, but nothing helped. I've created a new Golden Image, without any domain connection, installed the software on it, ran an optimalization script, sysprepped the VM and now it works as expected!

Again thanks for the reply Johan!