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Starting last week, we've started to notice monagentcore.exe consuming a fair amount of CPU. There will be multiple listings for this process, but one of them utilizes ~36% of system resources on a 4 core server. We're seeing this on multiple hosts. Version:



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The same thing is happening to some of my servers. Exiting the task stops it temporarily and it returns.
Have you installed any program or make any changes to your PC , before this problem started?
One example server is a new VM with Oracle Database and no databases. Another is a Remote Desktop Session Host which has been in service for months. Both have the same AV protection as all other servers in the environment...

It's that new server with zero application utilization that is really puzzling and prompted me to post.

I have not installed anything. I just deployed the monitoring agent and not long after the CPU spike.

In Azure Monitor > Insights > Virtual Machine, the Guest VM Health shows there is an upgrade available which I have deployed multiple times and even though it says successful, the view still says upgrade available.

I am currently spammed by alerts notification.

Ditto, upgrade is always available.
In case it is on a Windows 10 device, try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
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It looks like Microsoft automatically rolled the agent back to version on 2021.05.06. I'm also no longer seeing the agent upgrade available notice anymore.


we are facing same issue currently on one VM with Agent Version 10.20.18064.0

I am also wondering why this is running? By default? Insights or Monitor was not enabled for this VM. Did it now to see if CPU usage will drop... but not yet.