Announcing the public preview of the Azure Virtual Desktop metadata service in Japan.


Today I am pleased to announce the public preview of the Azure Virtual Desktop metadata service in Japan.

This now adds Japan East into the metadata location list when choosing the object location within the host pool deployment process. This enables our customers to choose to locate their AVD objects within the geographical boundary of Japan.





You have always been able to place your session host VM’s in the Japanese Azure regions, as well as all other regions. This announcement relates just to the metadata service.

We guarantee that the metadata for this host pool object is only stored within the Japan geography. We replicate the data to the Azure paired region of Japan West for disaster recovery purposes.

More detail regarding the Azure Virtual Desktop data locations is available in this article.


In order to test the new Japan East metadata location all that you need to do is create a new host pool in the Location drop down on the first “Basics” tab, select Japan East. Then continue to create a host pool as you normally would.

This is a rolling change starting today and could take up to five days to appear for all customers.


Azure Virtual Desktop is the leading virtual desktop solution, to securely deliver Windows desktops and applications from the planets most distributed hyperscale cloud. This is just another example of our commitment to making Azure Virtual Desktop a truly global virtual desktop service that provides the most extensive list of locations for geo-residency purposes and makes use of the growing number of Azure regions.

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