accepted method of installing software on windows virtual desktop

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I have multiple servers, load balanced in breadth mode. When installing software on a windows virtual desktop server, does the software automatically get installed on all the servers or do you have to install  the install on all the servers.

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@Eric Fehn I mean I have the windows virtual desktop servers in a pooled configuration. Do you have to run the software install on every server or if you install it on one, the others will also receive the software?

@Eric Fehn Base on my understanding ,WVD only  provide persistent deploy methods.That means you have to maintain/install software on every virtual machines even you configue them in pooled configuration.

Or, you could install the software in the master PC,then deploy it again.

@LillyZhao  thanks Lilly, to deploy it again, what would i do? Would I duplicate the VHD and then create another vm and attachit to the new one?

Hi, Eric

Yes ,corrcet!

Or, you just insall the software in every individual virtual machines. I think that's a easier way.

Actually , when we use WVD, we need to think more about how to operate them more efficiently. In my case , I recommend enterprise customers to use Citrix Cloud with WVD, which makes MCS(Machine Creation Services) possible .