Windows Virtual Deskop - Regional Avalibility

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When will the WvD gateway infrastructure be available in other regions? 

As far as i can tell all traffic is still routed via the US no matter where you deploy your VM`s.









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Hi, Management servers are distributed to other location but not present in all the region. You can find the nearest region with least RTT using the below link.


I'm also interested to know more on this question. Do you mean gateways are already available in the listed regions in the provided link? How are we able to select a specific region to use?

@Aquib Qureshi well that does not answer my question at all. 
Using that tool just indicates that there are no regional gateways available at all. 

so in fact deploying your hosts in any other region than east us 1 / 2 will provide a worse experience. 


that was why i asked when *regional* gateways will be available.