Computer Groups with new query language?

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I'm trying to set up computer groups in my OMS environment, but running into some issues. Has anyone used computer groups successfully with the new query language?


I see the created computer groups in settings, and can view members of the group from there. I created the group with a query that looks like this: Heartbeat | where Computer has "dev" | distinct Computer


The only blog I can find on using computer groups in queries is here, and it uses the older query language:

like this: Type:Perf ObjectName=Processor Computer IN $ComputerGroups[My Crepe Computers] | measure avg(CounterValue) by Computer interval 1HOUR


When I try to use this format in the Legacy language converter, I get an error saying "no viable alternative at input 'Heartbeat(Computerin'" (note that in my query there ARE spaces between Computer, in, and heartbeat). If I try the regular search window with 'Heartbeat | where (Computer in $ComputerGroups[mygroupname]' I get the error 'A recognition error occurred. Token: "in".' Finally, if I add ComputerGroups to the filter window, every query I try leaves the computergroup fields with no entries, so the filter is greyed out.


Has anyone worked with computer groups in the new OMS? Are they broken, or am I missing something? I've scoured the language documentation and can't find anything there...

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I was able to get this to work in my subscription:
Heartbeat | where Computer contains "<name>" | distinct Computer


I then saved the query, made a function of it, and used it to create a computer group.



Can you use that computer group in a query? That's the part that is failing for me.

Please refer to the documentation.  Please refer to the "Notes" section that refers to the new query language.

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Heartbeat | where Computer contains "SRV" | distinct Computer 


You will create function out of this query and save with it with alias MyComputers for example. Than in a new query you can refer to it in this way for example:


Perf | where Computer in (MyComputers) 


If it does not work right away in the Analytics Portal try refreshing it.

Hi Stanislav,


I have followed your example but I still can't get computer groups to work.




I have saved the search and can see the group under Computer Groups > Saved Groups but I am unable to reference the group in a search query. We had this working in the legacy log analytics but it didn't get converted during the log analytics upgrade.


Perf type is with capital P so it will be Perf | where Computer in (MyComputers) The language is casesensitive. Let me know if that fixes it.

I believe I have spotted the issue, the capital P was issue number 1 :) issue number 2 is that the search save was a legacy format: Type=Heartbeat OSType=Linux Computer=regex("@p{1}[0-9]*") | Distinct  Computer


I had to save the search using the new format:
Heartbeat | where OSType == "Linux" and Computer matches regex "^.+p{1}[0-9]*$" | distinct Computer

after I had saved the search I was then able to use your search and it worked.


Perf | where Computer in (MyComputers())
thank you very much for your assistance :) 

Happy to hear that it is working.