New Code Optimizations features - based on your feedback
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Azure Application Insights Code Optimizations is an AI-based service that helps you detect and remediate performance issues on a code-level in your running .NET applications.


Code Optimizations is used by thousands of developers and operations teams who both proactively and reactively optimize their applications in Azure to build more responsive applications and delight their customers.


"Through Application Insights, we significantly reduced infrastructure costs, improved response times by 50%, and enhanced overall stability. Code Optimizations helped us identify areas for improvements that would have been challenging to pinpoint otherwise." - Vitali Karmanov, Software Engineering Manager, GoEngineer


I use app insights almost every day to check the status of my systems. When I get up, with my first cup of coffee, before I start doing my actual dev work, I check these screens… Code Optimizations is a starting point for my investigations." - Josh Peterson, Software Engineer, Kangarootime


Many of you are using the Azure Application Insights Performance blade to investigate performance bottlenecks. Now it’s easier to discover relevant Code Optimizations recommendations on the same page. You’ll find top Code Optimizations in the Insights section of the Performance blade on Azure portal. You can always change the time filter to review a broader period than 24 hours.



Sign-up for upcoming features

Today we are announcing preview of three new features that you are asking about the most. You can sign up for those today:


  1. One place for all Code Optimizations across all your Application Insights resources and subscriptions. You can see all your recommendations on this page and group or filter them based on many fields such as issue description (shown below), Cloud Role name, App Insights resource name, or Azure subscription.


  1. Personalized and more actionable AI-generated recommendations. Now, it’s much easier to remediate performance issues with actionable recommendations generated for your specific issue. Code Optimizations identifies all issues by using an advanced AI algorithm trained on hundreds of internal Microsoft services. Previously, the remediation steps were manually compiled for dozens of cases, and some were too generic. Now, these generic recommendations are highly specific to your performance issues.


  1. GitHub Copilot with Code Optimizations extension (preview) for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. You can take performance issue remediation to the next level and generate a specific code fix for many performance issues from Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Simply install the extension to your favorite development environment and ask Copilot to generate a code recommendation.



Next steps

  1. Sign up for new preview features:
  2. Check out our Code Optimizations documentation:
  3. Watch a short demo to see Code Optimizations in action:

And as always – any feedback is very appreciated, you can fill this quick survey or e-mail us directly at Thank you!


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