Introducing Query editor: Empowering Users with PromQL in Azure Monitor Metrics!
Published Apr 15 2024 12:20 PM 2,521 Views

We're thrilled to announce the public preview launch of Query Editor in Azure Monitor Metrics, an advanced feature that allows customers to query and write PromQL queries directly within their Azure Monitor workspace (AMW). This long-awaited addition comes as a direct response to the growing demand from our customers, and we're excited to finally deliver this capability to you.


What’s new?

Unlocking the Power of PromQL:

Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) has emerged as a standard in the realm of monitoring and observability, offering users flexibility and expressiveness in querying metric data. With the Query Editor in Azure Monitor Metrics, users can now harness the full potential of PromQL to derive actionable insights for their resources. Previously, users in the Azure portal were unable to query their Prometheus metrics on AKS or Arc-enabled clusters sent to Azure Monitor Workspace via Azure Managed Prometheus in the portal. With this new capability, users can now query Prometheus metrics for their AKS resource or Arc-enabled clusters directly in the Query editor within the portal.

Seamless Querying Experience:

With the Query Editor, users can compose and execute PromQL queries directly within their Azure Monitor workspace that they are emitting metrics to. This streamlines the monitoring workflow, enabling users to stay focused and productive without the hassle of context switching while querying different types of metric data.

Benefits of Query editor with PromQL:

  • Rich Query Language: PromQL offers a rich set of functions and operators for querying metric data, allowing users to perform complex aggregations, transformations, and calculations with ease.
  • Familiarity and Interoperability: For users familiar with Prometheus-based monitoring solutions, the Query Editor provides a familiar environment for querying Azure metrics, facilitating a smoother transition and interoperability between platforms.

How it works?

Using the Query Editor is simple. Just navigate to your Azure Monitor workspace (AMW), select the Azure Monitor Metrics Query Editor, and start writing your PromQL queries.






Get Started Today:

The public preview of Query Editor in Azure Monitor Metrics is now available, and we invite you to try it out and share your feedback with us. Your input is invaluable as we continue to refine and improve this feature to better serve your monitoring and analytics needs. Please note, currently, the Query editor only supports querying metrics stored in an Azure Monitor Workspace. We plan to offer future support for platform metrics.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we work towards delivering even more value to our valued Azure customers.



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