Easily calculate SLA, downtime, and outages of your App Insights Availability Webtests
Published Feb 12 2021 03:06 PM 6,115 Views

Making sure that your application is available to customers now and can be reliably accessed over time is a concern for any developer. A key tool for monitoring outside in connections are synthetic transactions. These tests simulate user actions against your application to ensure that customers can complete their tasks successfully.


A challenge in Application Insights has been that your tests may be scattered across multiple resources and you need to write your own queries for basic reporting scenarios.


The new SLA Report provides you:

  • A single pane of glass to look across all of your Web Tests
  • Comprehensive SLA calculation based on your chosen resources, outage criteria, and exclusion periods
  • The ability to define your own outage criteria
  • The option to ignore results that occur during your specified maintenance periods
  • A baseline workbook template that is fully customizable from visualizations to queries
  • Powerful out of the box queries that can be re-used in your dashboards or other reports
    • Ex. End to end outage identification, last outage occurrence, and more




Next steps:

Read this documentation for more details

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