Announcing GA of revamped Custom Logs features
Published Nov 30 2022 01:34 PM 6,773 Views

Over the last few years, we’ve received extensive feedback around the need for a better custom logs experience in Azure Monitor Logs. To address it, the team stepped back, analyzed needs in the space, and rebuilt from the ground-up the full custom logs feature set. The features have been in preview for several months now, being vetted by many Log Analytics customers including some of the largest retailers, banks, and healthcare providers in the world. With preview feedback addressed and services now fully scaled out to meet the complex needs of these users and more, we are today excited to announce the revamped custom logs features are now generally available!

Today, we are announcing the following:

  • GA of the Log Ingestion API. This secure, scalable, and flexible API is the path going forward for all custom data ingestion needs.
  • GA of the Ingestion-time Transformations feature. This feature allows users to customize built-in data streams to parse, enrich, filter, or otherwise tailor incoming data to their specific use-cases.
  • A pricing for data sent to the system and subsequently dropped in a transformation. A nominal fee per GB dropped will be charged for any data dropped beyond 50% of incoming data, calculated daily. The fee is waived for Azure Sentinel-enabled workspaces. While we're announcing billing today, we will not start charging yet as of this announcement, and will provide at least a 3-month notice before doing so. The Azure Monitor pricing page will be imminently updated with these details.

Screenshot of ingestion-time transformation UIScreenshot of ingestion-time transformation UI

For those of you who participated in our preview - thank you for your feedback, and to those new to the features - we're excited for you to start using them! To learn more, please start with our docs, and don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions!

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