Migration from dedicated server to Azure

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we have our servers located in North america in which there is an application running which has 10.4TB data. Is it possible to migrate this application to the cloud? If possible then let me know how much time will it require for the data to be transferred to your cloud premises?



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Microsoft doesnt list any transfer limitations regarding recovery services, so its hard to calculate. But i know for a fact that it can easily max out my 300Mb connection to my nearest datacenter. you could use recovery services to synchronize and simulate that failover of the VM running this workload, once the initial transfer is complete it will delta sync periodically.

You can use Azure Import/Export service to securely transfer large amounts of data to Azure Blob storage and Azure Files by shipping disk drives to an Azure data center. This service can also be used to transfer data from Azure storage to hard disk drives and ship to your on-premise sites. Data from a single internal SATA disk drive can be imported either to Azure Blob storage or Azure Files.


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