Migration from dedicated server to Azure

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Hello everyone,


I'm an infrastructure leader in a small compagnies, actually i'm working on migrate our hosted server to a cloud plateform.


This is our web applications process :

Develop on VS2010 -> manage code with SVN -> Deploy with web deploy on a dedicated IIS


Our applications need to be deployed on a server with RDP access to let other people managing data consumed by it. Applications aren't standalone and need to be deployed on a server with persistent storage.


My questions are simple, is there the possibility to integrate this process in Azure in order to obtain things like that :

Develop on VS2017 -> manage code with an integrate-azure solutions -> deploy on azure to test and validation -> update a specific target application on a IIS hosted on an azure windows compute server.


Or do I need to do it in another way ?


If I ask you instead of testing by myself, it's because I don't have all the tools to make it.


Thanks a lot for your clarification !

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Hi Clement,


There are many ways to do the same thing in Azure. If you want to build a release pipeline within Azure, the simplest way is to use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS),  - check this out: Even though it would be simpler to have your sources stored in VSTS, it's not mandatory as both VSTS and TFS (on-premises solution) work with Subversion. The next step is to get the Agent from VSTS and install it on your target virtual machine to establish a connection. The rest depends on deployment complexity (as some custom PS scripting might be required). Another option is to use Octopus to deploy your solution to a VM in Azure. It is more flexible but paid though. It can also be paired with VSTS to control the build and release process.

Thanks a lot for your answer, I will start using those recommendations.