Azure IoT Hub Device Streaming with UWP


Azure IoT Hub Device Streaming is a cool technology for point to point communications between a user app and an IoT device using an Azure IoT Hub has the go-between. The Azure IOT SDK DS samples are built with  .Net Core. I've been examining in detail what it takes to be able to use UWP at either end of the pipeline. Whilst .NetCore can use AMPQ or MQTT as the device side transport, it was found that you can only use MQTT with UWP at the device end. I have blogged a detail discussion of this, Azure IoT Hub Device Streaming with UWP. This discussion is based upon a comprehensive GitHub suite of projects, djaus2/AziothubDeviceStreaming.

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The Posted Blog link not found, Thank for Git Repos.






Thanks for the feedback. I have renamed a few links on the blog that had spaces and caused linkage errors. I have updated the link. Nb I have a major follow up on this as follows..



As previously indicated, I have encapsulated the IoTHub Device Streaming sample into a reusable .Net Standard library.

This is on GitHub with a range of sample apps.

One app is a UWP app that can be both the device and the services, and simultaneously.

I’ve add a range of options so you can quickly get running.

The app now only needs an IoTHub. It can create the hub’s device.


I have just published the UWP-Xaml app to the MS App Store so you very quickly test it out.


App Store:


How to use the app:

The library API:

The library options:




Note that the AMPQ issue as per the first post has been resolved. There is a bug in the installation of one of the Nuget libraries that doesn't get the latest Amqp Nuget library which is resolved by manually installing the latest Ampq Nuget package. This has been fed back