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Interesting reading list as always thanks.  The IoT Basics: Smart Production with Big Data, is a good read, but does not fully conveyor the bigger picture of Industry 4.0 standards landscape in fact aside from RAMI4.0 there are 14 standard bodies including JAPAN IVAR view, all making moves in this area with ISO now taking a unified action for a SMART Manufacturing Reference Architecture approach.  There is also now ISO 'BIG DATA, ISO/IEC IoT Reference Architecture and also ISO IoT - IoT Industrial... data standards are key going forward for 'Plug & Play' + Data Interoperability in the SMART Manufacturing aka Digital Factory space.....  a Digital TWIN standard (common understanding & meanings) is also being developed... :)


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@Car-Digital-Thread Thanks a lot for sharing your insights. This is exactly the reason why we have this community, learn from each other. Keep chiming in and feel free to pile on, disagree, argument.... Love it!