Dev Channel update to 123.0.2380.1 is live.


Hello insiders! We released build 123.0.2380.1 to the Dev channel! This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below.

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Added Features:

  • Added Content Security Policy (CSP) in the browser to enable the Suno Plugin to work within the Windows Copilot.

Improved Reliability:

  • The problem of the browser crashing when the favorites hub was opened while navigating to a website was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that causes browser to crash while clicking add account.

Changed behavior:

  • The issue of the ‘More tools’ menu item not responding to screen reader’s ‘Double tap’ instructions has been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue where the 'Subscribe to Copilot Pro' button would not appear after switching to an MSA account without a subscription until the browser was restarted.
  • The problem of the font dialog of reading mode not reflecting the selected font type has been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused favicons to vanish after updating to the latest build, but they returned after relaunching the browser.
  • Resolved a problem where the Ask Copilot button did not work in privacy mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat page would overlap with the 'ask me' window on Android devices when in landscape mode.
  • The issue of the NTP (New Tab Page) background image not working was fixed.
  • The problem of games not launching when disconnected from the network was fixed.
  • The issue of Narrator announcing extra information while navigating to the ‘Explore more games to play’ button was resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where clicking the ‘Get Started’ button would not launch Copilot.
  • Fixed an issue where icons would disappear during the installation of the extension.
  • iOS: Resolved a problem where an alert would appear and a new tab would open when clicking on a Copilot Pro deep link in Copilot chat.
  • Mac: The problem of multiple success messages appearing when logging into Terminal after launching the browser has been resolved.


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate.

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.


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@Gouri_Murmu   非常不理解你们把 Automatic HTTPS 选项取消了,这导致了我们无法访问一些http协议的网站。你们把用户浏览网页这种简单的事情搞得很糟糕,十分令人费解!

Please add an option to remove recently closed tabs, I like to keep my history disabled and always have my tabs going there