Not able to create folder on sharepoint sites.

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Our website has requirement to upload files to cloud and for that I choose to store on SharePoint site using Microsoft Graph API. I have followed the Graph API documentation and able to upload files to SharePoint site but recently to setup App for live website we have create a new App in Azure Active directory and gave all the permissions to the App which is required to upload files to the SharePoint.


I am able to get the Document Library folder details using Graph API but when I am trying to create folder in Documents Library then its giving me error:


Same thing is working with my developers App on Azure Directory but for new App its giving me error in red color the image above. Any suggestion did I missed any permission for newly created App or SharePoint site?


Please help on urgent basis!



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@cjsinghI found the solution by doing R n D and it was site id issue. Site id we are getting from the Graph API is comma separated and it was working fine for the same tenant but for the other tenant it was showing this site id error. So fixed the issue by spitted the comma separated site id and get the actual 32 character long site id and pass to Create Folder API call.