How to host moodle on azure

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Hello everyone, 


I am here for help, I am an IT specialist my employer asked me to host a Moodle LMS on azure to be accessible for our program, I have no idea how to do it because I don't have experience on hosting websites and Azure as well. I am willing to learn about azure and how to use to make Moodle available to our benfieries. could you please give me a detailed guideline about that? I am having a free azure subscription right now but I will purchase other packages later once I got a clear idea how to use it. 


I am looking for your kind answers.




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Hi Barzan. There is a GitHub repository that could help you with the deployment and configuration - There is also a packaged solution in the Azure Marketplace provided by Bitnami -

@David Pazdera Thank you so much for sharing this highly appreciated, actually I went through this but I was thinking about something more details and visualize like video tutorial explaining step by step. 

I don't think there is something like that anyway thank you very much. 


I have another question I don't know if you could help me or not, what should I do if I want to host the mobile application as well, I want to host Moodle mobile app in different instant like that I will not have a single point of failure, Can you please share any related videos or blog about that?


Thanks in advance,