microsoft managed home screen

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Recently we started to Implement endpoint management for our company 

and it was decided that our zebra mc3300 scanner fleet needed to be managed as well.


we have everything set up  with  the exception of how to restrict the device.


Previously we were using the Enterprise home screen   which was an apk developed by  Zebra, but we ran into so issue with how to effectively deploy the apk. We decided to use the managed home screen and have it set up to restrict as we want with the exception of  there are two colored buttons one is blue and one is amber   the  handed  switching to  elevated functions in the case of the bluwe key it would take you to fn keys on the devices .


previously  when you pushed these buttons an icon appeared on the status  indicating it was active  so again the blue button pushed the status bar at the top of the android screen had a blue square  so on.


With the MHS engaged these notice icons do not appear   if i unlock the MHS   they will shows the indicators ( the keys still perform the function the user just has no indicator it is in that mode )


I am not able to locate any restrictions setting that is saying that  is blocking these indicators  any suggestions or guidance would be helpful 

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