Common Data Service Web API or Graph API for Common Data Service and Teams integration?

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We're looking to build an integration between our existing web app (off the MSFT platform) and both the Common Data Service and Microsoft Teams.  For instance, when an action takes place on our web app, we want a record to be created in a CDS entity and we want a notification to be sent to a Microsoft Teams channel.


From what we've read, it sounds like the best approach for CRUD actions in the CDS is done using the CDS Web API, and notification posts to Teams via Microsoft Graph.


Does that sound right?  Is there a way to communicate both with the CDS and Microsoft Teams through one API?

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Try using Logic App with Common Data Services Connector. 

When you use Logic apps you have all the connectors at the click of the button - im currently using logic app to integrate Webcon (onpremises workflows) with Teams, Project For Web, Planner, and Outlook