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The Face API Pricing specifies that the pricing is 1.5$/1000 Transactions (Standard tier).


Going through the “Intelligent Kiosk” sample , to detect a face we found out that there will be 4 API calls (Find a face , pass face id to group , identify a face in the group , get details of face). So, for detecting a Face will I be charged for 4 API calls or a single call?


i.e We want to know what does a “Transaction” mean. Is “1 transaction = 1 API call” [thats 4 transactions to detect a face] OR “1 transaction = 1 complete task”[1 transaction to detect a face].


Also, can you give us a general idea of how many transactions are needed for Creating a group , creating a person and training a person?

Also how many transactions to detect a saved Face?


The Problem:
We tested the “Intelligent Kiosk - Video insight “ sample, we uploaded a 6 second video and found out that there are more that 1000 FACE API calls recorded in Azure portal. How does Video insight works ? Because 1000 FACE calls / 6 sec video seems unusual. Will 1000 API calls make 100 Transactions in this case?


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