Introducing Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data in Public Preview
Published Jun 19 2023 06:00 AM 174K Views

We are excited to announce the launch of Azure OpenAI Service on your data in public preview, a groundbreaking new feature that allows you to harness the power of OpenAI models, such as GPT-4, with your own data. This new and highly requested customer capability revolutionizes the way you interact with and analyze your data, providing greater accuracy, speed, and valuable insights. Let’s explore the features, use cases, data sources, and next steps for leveraging Azure OpenAI Service on your data.


Unlocking the Potential of Your Data

Azure OpenAI Service on your data empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data by running OpenAI models directly on it, eliminating the need for training or fine-tuning. With the advanced conversational AI capabilities of ChatGPT and GPT-4, you can streamline communication, enhance customer service, and boost productivity throughout your organization. These models not only leverage their pre-trained knowledge but also access specific data sources, ensuring that responses are based on the latest available information.


Key Use Cases

Azure OpenAI Service on your data offers a wide range of applications that can revolutionize businesses across various industries. Whether it's enabling self-service data requests, enhancing customer service, driving revenue generation, or improving productivity in B2C and B2B interactions, the possibilities are endless. This powerful service simplifies processes such as document intake and indexing and provides quick access to legal insights and financial data for better decision-making. Additionally, it empowers your organization to tap into resources for accurate marketing responses and streamline software development and HR procedures.


By harnessing Azure OpenAI Service on your data, you can harvest valuable customer insights, monetize access to data, and gain deep industry and competitor insights. The transformative impact on productivity, revenue, and strategic decision-making can help your business thrive in today's fast-paced market. We are excited to learn how our customers leverage this service to transform their operations, improve customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge.


How it works

Azure OpenAI Service on your data ingests and connects your data from any source, regardless of its location. Whether your data is stored locally or in the cloud, we provide seamless connectivity to unlock its full potential. With our advanced tools, you can efficiently process, organize, and optimize your data, gain valuable insights and enhancing its quality. Additionally, our user-friendly API and SDK enable easy integration with your existing systems, and we offer a customizable sample app for quick implementation. Sharing and utilizing your data is made effortlessly, allowing you to distribute information within your organization or with your customers promptly.


Azure OpenAI Service on your data supports connecting to multiple sources, including:

  • Azure Cognitive Search index: You can connect your data to an Azure Cognitive Search index, enabling seamless integration with OpenAI models.
  • Azure Blob storage container: Connect your data to an Azure Blob storage container and easily access it for analysis and conversation using Azure OpenAI Service
  • Local files: Connect to files in your Azure AI portal, providing flexibility and convenience in connecting your data. We ingest and chunk the data into your Azure Cognitive Search index. File formats such as txt, md, html, Word files, PowerPoint, and PDF can be utilized for analysis and conversation.


Azure AI Studio: Chat Playground and Deployment Options

Explore the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service models with the chat playground, a no-code environment where you can experiment, iterate, and generate completions based on your prompts. The chat playground provides an easy-to-use interface and also offers Python and curl code samples for integration into your own applications.



You have the option to deploy a web app directly from Azure AI studio, creating a conversational AI platform accessible to your organization. The deployment process is seamless, allowing you to choose a name, select the appropriate subscription, resource group, location, and pricing plan for your web app. Web apps are also customizable by the user. You can use the API and endpoint to integrate this feature in the service, not just in an app.




Azure OpenAI Service on your data is a game-changer in the field of conversational AI and data analysis. By leveraging OpenAI models with your own data, you can unlock powerful insights, improve decision-making, and enhance productivity across your organization. Whether you choose to utilize the chat playground in Azure AI Studio for experimentation or deploy a web app for broader accessibility, Azure OpenAI Service on your data offers a seamless and efficient solution.


How to use Azure OpenAI on your data

To begin utilizing Azure OpenAI Service on your data, you need to have an approved Azure OpenAI Service application and an Azure OpenAI Service resource with either the gpt-35-turbo or the gpt-4 models deployed. Once you meet the prerequisites, follow these steps:


  • Connect your data source: Use Azure AI Studio to connect your desired data source, whether it's an Azure Cognitive Search index, Blob storage container, or by uploading files locally.
  • Ask questions and chat on your data: Once your data source is connected, you can start asking questions and conversing with the OpenAI models through Azure AI Studio. This enables you to gain valuable insights and make informed business decisions.

To get started with Azure OpenAI Service on your data ensure you have the necessary prerequisites, connect your data source using Azure AI studio, and begin asking questions and chatting with the models. Experience the transformative power of conversational AI and take your data analysis to new heights with Azure OpenAI Service on your data.


A Responsible Approach

Microsoft has a layered approach for generative models, guided by Microsoft’s responsible AI principles. In Azure OpenAI Service, an integrated safety system provides protection from undesirable inputs and outputs and monitors for misuse. In addition, Microsoft provides guidance and best practices for customers to responsibly build applications using these models and expects customers to comply with the Azure OpenAI Code of Conduct. With Open AI’s GPT-4, new research advances from OpenAI have enabled an additional layer of protection. Guided by human feedback, safety is built directly into the GPT-4 model, which enables the model to be more effective at handling harmful inputs, thereby reducing the likelihood that the model will generate a harmful response.


Data, Privacy and Security
Learn about the processing, usage, and storage of data in the Azure OpenAI Service.


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