Unable to administer public folders in EAC


Is anyone else having issues with administering public folders in the Exchange admin center?


I've gone in there to mail-enable some recently created folders and all I can see is this message:




There are folders there, as I can see them in Outlook. Both client and web.

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If I try to add a new folder or modify root permissions, I get the error message:



Seems to work fine here. Check the SHD, and if nothing is reported there open a support case.

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks for the reply.


I have just opened a support case and they are looking into it.

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If anyone comes across this, the issue was resolved finally by myself (had MS scratching their heads for a few weeks over this).


Turns out we had two mailboxes with the same alias as the administrator, although different domains. If this was going to cause such issues, you would of thought that this option would not be allowed, but it was. 


Issue was solved by removing the Exchange license for the administrator, thus removing the mailbox (we couldn't remove the other, as this was being used).