Data Location Move

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I'm just a little confused here as to why we are being offered to move our data at rest to a different Geo location, when it already shows it to be at this location!






I'm also seeing a message this morning in the messaging centre as if it's not and I would of thought that if it was already there, then this option wouldn't be available.


I've checked the FAQ and there is nothing on this. Any idea anyone?

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Saw the same thing today; not sure I should have received the message as I signed up well after the UK geo data centre went live, but assuming this is for users who signed up before and want to make sure everything is migrated over to the UK rather than stay in Europe


Although everything shows as being in the UK same as you, I've requested that it's moved over before June just to see what happens - apparently will get an email confirming the data has been moved over.

I'm assuming that you wont ever receive a notification because the data is already there?


Like you said, I think this is some form of glitch, as we shouldn't be seeing it and should only be for pre-registrations from locations with new data centres.


Just need to get MS to confirm it...