Undelete protect a form

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When creating a form I protected it from record deletions. Unfortunately I can't remember how I did it, and I need to unprotect it now. I've tried opening the property sheet, thinking that's how I protected the form in the first place. But the property sheet WILL NOT OPEN.  Any thoughts?

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if it is an .accdb you can remove re-instate deletion of record by putting Yes to AllowDeletions property of the form in design view.
But I can't open the property sheet.
if you have converted it to .accde then you will not be able to bring your form in design view.
I have not converted it to .accde.
Can you upload a cut down version of your dB which shows the issue? Alter any confidential data first
I can upload a screen shot of the form in question. But it sounds like you are asking for something different. How do I "cut down" my db? Thanks.
OK - you've said its not an ACCDE file
Is it ACCDR or are you using Access Runtime?

Assuming neither of those is true, then to upload a cut down copy of your db...
1. Copy the form & any objects needed for it to work into a new blank database.
2. Remove all but a few records in the underlying table(s) to save space & alter any confidential data
3. Now compact & zip before uploading
4. Then explain exactly what we need to do to replicate the issue