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Hi all

I am new to Access and have watched A LOT of tutorials on YouTube.

Im hoping there is someone out there that is willing to help me create my first database and get it up and running :)

I’m trying to achieve a plant and truck hire database, where I’ll keep a record of (tables):
- Site Supervisors (employees);
- Contractors (suppliers)
- Contractors plant and trucks (inventory);
- plant and trucks master classification (each product is classed into a specific group), eg machine capacity;
- Contractor insurances;
- plant and trucks attachments;
- Confirmation orders (effectively, what has been hired, by who, for how much etc).

I’m struggling with linking the tables correctly and then understanding where I actually enter new data, from what I understand, I am best to create forms? Eg. One to create a supervisor, another to add a new attachment to a piece of Plant and so on.

Then in terms of reports, I’m looking at what insurances are coming up for renewal, viewing what orders have been issued and whether we’ve received the required documentation prior to finalising the order eg timesheet, invoice etc.

Happy to discuss in further detail :) thanks for reading
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First, this is NOT a "simple" relational database application, so you need to adjust your expectations.


Second, ALL good relational database applications start with a proper table design, based on the principles of Normalization. So, your video research should focus on that in the beginning. 

And finally, asking someone to take this on as a volunteer might not attract a lot of competent offers. Professional developers must make their living doing that, and amateurs, who might offer to do it for the experience, might not be that capable. To be honest, if this is a tool you intend to use to support a real business, I think you'd be far ahead to hire a competent Access developer and pay them for their expertise from the start. If this is a hobby or practice or school project, of course, investing your time in learning how relational database applications work  is a good way to get started.


Have you searched for samples or templates to help you get started?

Thanks for the response and link.

Just using this as a learning experience to build my own knowledge and foundation, I’ll continue with the tuts.
I haven’t found a template that quite suits but have applied techniques similar to what I’m trying to achieve
I got it up and running after a few test dBs :p thanks for the link you shared.