Fill in table fields automatically from dropdown selection

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I found quite easily how to fill in fields from a Combo box in ​​a form, but I can't seem to do the same in a table. I would simply like fields in my table to be filled in automatically following a selection from a dropdown list of an external table with several columns (fields).

See attached image.




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You could do this with a data macro in the concerning table. For instance a Before Change data macro that uses the LookUpRecord and the SetField actions to get and fill the appropriate values. This link should get you started: 




Data entry should always be done through a form where you can easily setup such features and validate data entry properly. One should never be exposing tables directly to users, doing so is asking for problems. I'd strongly urge you to reconsider.
Thanks Tieme. I'll will look into it.



HI Daniel, 


If for exemple I have a Time sheet form with Date, Shift (AM/PM) and supervisor name as  fields. And I have a subform for entering employees for the shift with only dropdowns and checkbox. Would this be ok or you would still suggest to go with form fields? 



Also, if I go with form fields for entering the employee, does it mean I have to create a limited amount of lines to enter employees? And will I be able to use the Count function to get how many employees were booked on the shift?