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Please help!!!!

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Hi everyone. I am a receptionist/admin assistant. I am currently using Access to make a database of our contacts and their information. I have created ~10 tables with all of our information to be able to make forms and queries and such. I have tried to make the forms, and make relationships between the tables but I did something wrong. 

I am not too sure what I am doing. I have not taken Access since last Sept-Dec. I can make a form with the criteria I want, but it doesn't show all the data. I also think I have made too many relationships within the tables.



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Hi @jmoul35 ,
since its hard to understand the real error, there are three options.
You scan each table for errors.
You start a total new Database.
You provide more information (In form of pictures, errors etc.)

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The truth is that Access is a complex tool for creating Relational Database Applications. One of the consquences of that is that no two relational database applications is the same. That means YOUR particular version could be quite similar to one that someone else created, or very, very different.

And that, in turn, means you must provide a lot more detail about this particular Access relational database application in order for someone to begin thinking of ways to help.