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hello, I'm new to the world of access and I was wondering about the tybe of methodology used when creating a program, is it agile or waterfall, or another type such as six sigma?

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The software development methodology is quite an individual thing. Access is used by a myriad of people, including all kinds of developers. No technology/method/tooling in this respect is built into Access by Microsoft.


From the way Access is structured as a database management system and at the same time a (front-end) development system, and from the way most of its users (mostly individual developers) and projects take place in reality, the work is usually done in an extremely agile way, even if most people are not aware of it. ;) They don't use any doctrine or method, but just are extremely responsive to client/user requirements.


At my German Access conferences we presented and discussed some methods. Again almost all of them agile as they fit so well for Access and its typical projects and devs. For example, one colleague showed Scrum that is used in her company for Access projects, and I presented about Kanban for teams and for individuals.


You can do all this with Access projects, but, as I said, IMO it depends on individual knowledge and preferences and of course organizational/company possibilities.


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I really thank you for your reply
Yes, I already noticed that many people are ignorant of how working with Access is very flexible, and because I submitted my university project through it, there were a lot of questions they had, the first of which is the methodology used. I think that now I understand the method I used in the program better :)