How to quickly change a MS Access Report header with the new year?

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Hi All,

I have an Access database that produces Reports every year  so I have to manually change the text from 2018 to 2019. Is there an easy way to go this - I cannot see and "Find & Replace" . Or could the new year 2019 be held in a field so it would populate the Report header automatically.  All suggestions welcome but I am not a programmer



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Hello! You can change your Report with the edit mode. For instance, open your report, view in edit mode. Look at the fields content where you can usually see the actual year. MS Access has an expression generator, where you can see, what date content is made of a formula (expression). I guess, in your report footer or header areas you have at least on time & date function such as ="Created in Year " & format (Now(), "yyyy") which has the result text "created in Year 2019". If you are interested in dynamic date and other usefull Access functions, explore from Minute 8:30 on. Dynamic Expressions are the quickest way to update your actual report(s). But you have to spend time and mind on it also. Hope that helps. Greets, Eva.