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I am using Access to link via ODBC to a MySql database.

I have a working query and a report.

I want other users to be able to access only the report.


For example, the database contains people signed up for a class time. That information is stored in mysql backing a web page.


I want a viewer to be able to print a report that shows who is a class time on demand so that we can plan staffing.


Everything is working but it appears any viewer of the report would need to sign in to Access and be overwhelmed with a lot of tables etc.


Is there a way to just put a link to the report on the desktop so that when a user clicks the shortcut, the report is regenerated (provided they have the right name and PW) with new, current information in it?

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Hi! I would suggest pdf export as timer vba job: your source is sql- Access report is nice to be designed- then export it with a pdf format! Could be adobe, pdf24 or whatever you like. If this should be periodically then I would recommend a timer procedure to print the pdf, every hour. Go to the sites of stackoverflow to get the vba codes. Hope that helps, Greets, Eva